Making Charcoal

Was introduced to this ritualistic process through the film 'La Quattro Volte ('. The making of the charcoal seems very calm and slow. The house forms that are created to produce the charcoal in are inspirational and beautiful.

I have recently been trying to make my own ash in an outside kiln, inside a saggar, but am not getting vast quantities, which I need. But the pure ash is very beautiful to look at, but when touched the shapes disappear.

Natural collections and work space

Beads, Seeds, Leaves and Seaweed

Glass expereiment

This is a square piece of glass placed over the opening of a pot, the idea being to gently slump the piece over the hole, it shifted slightly and caused this golden syrup effect.
Very beautiful but not what I wanted!

Glass Work-Preservation

Hydrangeas and Ginkgo's
This is before the Kiln firing, I cut the glass into squares and rectangles. Two pieces for each plant. The preserved flower/leaf is then sandwiched between the two. So two protective sides are formed. The pieces are then fired in the kiln.

After the firing. The glass turns to honey, bubbles form within the two layers of glass. They remind me of last breaths. The outline of the plant is carefully preserved, a delicate shadow, the memory of the plant seems to of been gently drawn on.

Whilst writing dissertation...came across these beautiful drawings by Michelle Stuart

"Cerma Cerintha", Michelle Stuart, 2007.

Andes Clearwing, 2006
Beeswax, ink, pigments, vellum, china paper

'Michelle Stuart's gouache inkblot butterflies and moths – in unusual color combinations of black, gray, white, mauve and beige – some drawings showing a fold, others not – clearly evidence a Freudianism that would have been unthinkable to Jean Gabriel Pretre, whose delicate naturalistic watercolor study of wasps, c.1810, are as objectively precise as hers are erotically suggestive.'

'In this current exhibition, Butterflies & Moths, she records her observations, layers of pigments, beeswax, silverleaf, and vellum, bringing to life the mysterious hidden structures of these delicate minute subjects and bridging the divide between the scientific and the artistic.'


'..she hears voices from under the earth. That wind blows in her ears and trees whisper to her...'

Drawings and Watercolours

Reduction Firing

I was intrigued and excited about this firing, I did not come out as I really expected! As there is too much orange, but apart from that they are quite interesting vessels. 

Some Oxidation firing of glass and some experiments of the reaction of oxides within different glazes.