Tadek Beutlich (1922-2011)

A stunning craftsman.


Pollination 30/75 by Tadek Beutlich

Giusepe Penone

I wrote my dissertation partly on Penone, it was great to go and see his work in such an intimate, space part of the Gagosian gallery.

Intersecting Gaze / Sguardo Incrociato

'Penone’s artful expressions entail a serene and meditative return to an 
innate state of being.'

His work is beautiful, the re-creation of the tree's structure in bronze is magical. 
The  structure emits fragility but the material is grounding. 

'The stretching of a branch through space in search of light has the same structure as a glance.'
—Giuseppe Penone

Jannis Kounellis

Introduced to me by Theo Keane.

'Jannis Kounellis came to trust that art’s importance lies in its reflection of the complex web of beliefs and values at the heart of cultural development'

Kounellis was born in Greece and later worked within the Arte Provera movement, using found organic materials.

Garden signs

I took some time to decorate a collection of signs myself...

Children's pottery pieces chilling in the sun! 

Half-term creations, glazed and ready to be fired

Beautifully clean tools done by lovely Cynthia at Art in the Park!