Early Mornings and Makings

The above three Porcelain dishes are going to be donated to the BigPush auction to raise money for Water Aid

Making and Preparing in the Sunny Studio

Cutting Glass

View from the Studio

Poppies Drying for Dipping

A selection from my collection of pressed flowers and leaves

Beautiful Carrots from the Heart Garden in Burgess Park

Some Broad Beans, Borage and Chives from my own little Veggie Patch..

A summer Feast!

My pitch at the Craft Village in Norwich Norfolk!

Jewellery pieces and Pottery for the stall

Hand thrown ceramic brooches with added crochet and handmade beads.

Hand made ceramic beads

 Hand made Egyptian paste beads

Porcelain Landscape Badges, backed with leather.

Kew Gardens Inspired Buttons

Ceramic Coasters (backed with leather) with plant impressions and coloured slips.

Packing and Preparing!

Thrown Porcelain Dishes, glazed with Wood Ash Glazes.

My table at the St Margaret's Church on Saturday 21st July

I had a really good day, met some very talented makers and also sold some work. It is a lovely feeling to know your pieces are being enjoyed and loved by someone else.

Heading back to London now to unpack and load my kiln and finish off the Porcelain and Glass Wall piece. 

Hope you have all enjoyed the sunny weekend!

Wall Piece in the Making..

Progressing of my wall piece commission..
 It is quite exciting that i will soon finish the piece!

Porcelain Paper Clay waiting to be fired to 1260 degree's Celsius

Beautiful Amber glass, medium and light and clear glass, to be cut and fused then placed inside porcelain boxes.

Cut glass inside high fired porcelain box.

Skies and Flowers

Summer's evening, Cromer Pier, Norfolk

Fairy Rose and a beautiful blue sky

Constance Spry

Digitalis Purpurea

Lavandula Officinalis


 And my very old lovely Border Terrier, Wydget....