A Ship, An Isle, A Sickle Moon

    A Ship, an isle, a sickle moon--
    With few but with how splendid stars
    The mirrors of the sea are strewn
    Between their silver bars!
    An isle beside an isle she lay,
    The pale ship anchored in the bay,
    While in the young moon's port of gold
    A star-ship--as the mirrors told--
    Put forth its great and lonely light
    to the unreflecting Ocean, Night.
    And still, a ship upon her seas,
    The isle and the island cypresses
    Went sailing on without the gale:
    And still there moved the moon so pale,
    A crescent ship without a sail!

    James Elroy Flecker

Plant dipping workshop!

Everyone studying their plants..

And baby dipping!

Ran my first drop in workshop with Leyla this week, was really fun. We got the children to draw plants and do rubbings and then they dipped their chosen plant in porcelain slip. 

The 'fossilized' plants are now in their second firing...

one mother had some great fun dipping her child's feet in the porcelain slip, the baby enjoyed it too!

Sunny Suffolk

A Norfolk Wedding

A beautiful wedding at Voewood, a unique arts and crafts house.

The beautiful bride and bridesmaids.

Me in my hand-knitted jumper, lovingly made by my Muma's very talented hands.

Voewood is a butterfly house and is full of butterfly related art and many other interesting nooks and crannies, beautiful mosaics, artworks and textiles. A magical setting for a wedding.


Hydrangea- 1753, coined by Linnaeus as a compound of Greek, Hydr-, stem of hydor 'water' + angeion 'vessel, capsule', so called the shrubs cup shaped seed pods.

I watched the moon rise last night over the steely sea in Cromer, Norfolk. It was a fantastic sight. The moon looked like a silvery fingerprint, floating gently between the gap in the cloudy sky. 

When I come back home I go swimming in the North Sea and the feeling of it is superb. There are proven factors that it really helps the mind, it is relaxing, exhilarating, refreshing and rejuvenation. It leaves you zingy when you come out and happily tired when you go home. And just to lay back in the water and look up at the sky is a moment for me, better than any other. 

I recently went back to the Lido in Brockwell, London last Sunday Morning. It was a sunny morning so there was lots of beautiful light reflections of the water in the pool. A great way to start the day.

If you have not been swimming in a while, I truly recommend it!

Wooly bears and lacy things..

A carefree knitted bear, all ready to be loved!

Pattern discovered in a knitting magazine by Susan B. Anderson.

Quilt in the making...finished photos soon to follow I hope!

I am going to a family wedding at the weekend and wanted to make a summery hair fascinator. So I used some dry straw flowers,  crystal butons, lace and mesh...and now its ready to be celebrated in!

The one on the left is what I made for a wedding last October, the rusty ribbons were used to reflect autumnal colours... I am excited about going to a summer wedding, we are going to be camping for the night!

Beautiful inspirational stained glass

My boyfriends uncle created this for Guestwick Church. Adam O'Grady.

John Piper, beautiful colours and dreamy animals.

 Hilary Davies - based on the James Elroy Flecker poem, A Ship, an Isle, a Sickle Moon.
Cromer based artist.

The finished Wall Piece!

The central fern came out fantastically, the fine detail that remains after being fired is superb, similar to the ginkgo. I really enjoyed making this piece again, obviously there were times where I struggled and worried but it was a great experience!