Finally got round to getting my Kew drawings of seeds and legumes converted into Ceramics transfers, I'm very pleased with the results and they have taken to my wood ash glazes well. 

Managed to produce a few sneaky buttons too, up for grabs!

Before and After

This is pre and post a reduction firing, firing collected dried plant materials inside my pots.

You can see very slightly the faint marks that have been left behind by the plants after firing. 
Being preserved within the glaze.


Potter's are like Gardener's. The community vibe, working together and waiting for that beautiful outcome, after putting in all the hard work. 

The two skills work very well together.


North American Potter

Dorset Potters

Indian Potters

Great Lucie Rie. b.1902-1995

Pots by Lucie Rie arranged on the Plischke shelves at Albion Mews, 1950

Photograph of Lucie Rie at the wheel in Vienna, 1935

Pot by Hans Coper in Albion Mews containing flowers, 1950

Ian Godfrey. b.1942-1982

Mary Wondrausch.

All Beautiful and Inspirational. All conveying a personal passion for making.

Paolozzi Collage

Really want to get back into collage, am slowly getting back into it. Its really nice to have a break from 3D making and work in 2D with layers.
I wind, I wind these ribbons
over my beloved’s eyes, over her soul
With brown, almost faded ink
I will write in my linen ribbons
secret signs
and I will wind them like a lullaby
around my beloved’s soul –
O never exuded balms
O narrow ribbons
wound in layer on layer of artful braid!
Don’t you already seem like the pupa of a butterfly
as it hangs on the rose bush!
You with the great eyes I gave you!
You with the immaculate face! 

ArsinoĆ« by Gunnar Ekelof

Anselm Kiefer

Recently visited the Anselm Kiefer exhibition at the Bermondsey White Cube. His layering, collage, use of colou, natural materials and corrosion have really inspired me to do some drawings. Which I am going to try out this week. 
Here is some of his collage work.