Poppies from the Past

Randolph Stow- The Language of Flowers

I sent my love clematis. She, walking white
In her garden, reading Rossetti, veiled her sight
Under blue eyelids, blushing comprehended
Her mental beauty was thereby commended

My love sent me the bud of a white rose
To say her heart knew naught of love. Repose
Fled from my days, to tell her of my flame
I sent an iris. Swift her answer came;

She had gathered mouse-eared chickweed, flowers which swear
Ingenious simplicity. Despair
Seized me, I sent gum cistus, saying: ''Tomorrow
I die.'' She sent me yew, expressing sorrow.

True to my word, I died; and to my tomb
She mourning came. Her hat was all abloom
With Rosemary, which vows not to forget
And rue, to tell the world of her regret.

But when upon my grave, my life, my dove
Stooped to plant myrtle, signifying love,
Then garden daisies in my dust were bred,
And ''Sweet, I share your sentiments,'' they said.

My beautiful flowers on the balcony

It was a very hectic year! But I did manage to grow a few things...



Wild Geranium


Beautiful pink flower, that just appeared! Not sure what it is.

Stocks- smell delightful at night

Yummy eating peas, waiting to flower

Young Chard

Exhibition at the South London Botanical Insitute

Whilst my degree show was on I also exhibited work at the Botanical Institute in South London, I decided to do this because of my main influences being from plants and the preservation of them. It was great to exhibit in this specific space on old wooden furniture and in front of bright windows. I received some great comments and enjoyed the whole experience! I intend to go back there to draw from their vast pressed plant collection.

Degree Show

Camberwell College of Arts-London- Ceramics BA Show.

I was one of the final five students to graduate from the renowned Ceramics Degree at Camberwell.

The final and the set up....

Spencer Walton,Emmanuelle Camus, Matthew Warner, Charlotte Mckee and Frances Candler Della Wright

The show was brilliant the response was wonderful. Great course. Thank you to everyone that came to see it! Also many thanks for all the advice and guidance throughout the 3 years from great tutors and people.