Another inspiring female artist...

Hannelore Baron b. 1926, d.1987


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You can see her assemblage work is similar to Joseph Cornell...



Hannelore Baron 

Abram L. Urban

'In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful.'
The Hydrangea is engulfed
No scent. No beauty remains.
The essence hidden, stored, unable to be seen.
To be smelt
They are locked between two soft squares
Soon to be vitrified between the two
No colour,  no Purpose.
Just a feint memory.



Goethe's Faust Part 1.

'One thrust of his foot, and a thousand threads 
invisibly shift, and hither and thither
The shuttles dart just once he threads
And a thousand strands all twine together'

T.S Eliot, extracts from 'Rhapsody of a Windy Night'

The memory throws up high and dry

A crowd of twisted things;

A twisted branch upon the beach

Eaten smooth, and polished

As if the world gave up

The secret of its skeleton,

Stiff and white.

A broken spring in a factory yard,

Rust that clings to the form that the strength has left

Hard and curled and ready to snap.

The lamp hummed:

"Regard the moon,

La lune ne garde aucune rancune,

She winks a feeble eye,

She smiles into corners.

She smoothes the hair of the grass.

The moon has lost her memory.

A washed-out smallpox cracks her face,

Her hand twists a paper rose,

That smells of dust and old Cologne,

She is alone

With all the old nocturnal smells

That cross and cross across her brain."

The reminiscence comes

Of sunless dry geraniums

And dust in crevices,

Smells of chestnuts in the streets,

And female smells in shuttered rooms,

And cigarettes in corridors

And cocktail smells in bars."

Gillian Lowndes use of plants

Works in Clay: The Anthony Shaw Collection

Tomato Roots

Beautiful Talented Women

A Celebration of International Women's Day





Above are only a minority of women who have added so much creativity and feeling to this world.
They sit alongside my Mother who has taught me how to make so many things and my Nanny who was always there for me.

Galileo's Moon Drawings


Sacrobosco, Sphaera Mundi, 15th-c.


Circles of heaven

Sea Plants and Fowers